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Clean Your Indoor Air


Have you noticed that the air in your home is not as clean and fresh as it should be? These tips will help you breathe easier. When cooking or cleaning, keep your windows open as

Clean Your Indoor Air2015-03-20T19:52:30-05:00

Mold…The Silent Pest


Say the word “pests” and people think about common household varieties such as ants, roaches, and spiders or even mice and rats. But did you know that molds are also considered pests? That’s right. Pests

Mold…The Silent Pest2016-12-12T13:13:55-06:00

Carpet Beetles What are the facts?


Carpet beetles deserve to rank near the top of your list of uninvited guests. These oval-shaped flying insects can ruin your carpets, rugs, upholstered furniture, and clothing as well as cause irritating dermatitis in children

Carpet Beetles What are the facts?2015-03-20T19:24:46-05:00

Carpet cleaning for health


Does carpet contribute to bad indoor air quality?  You may be surprise by the answer. Recent studies indicate that carpet actually help improve indoor air quality. The reason is simple, carpet traps the pollutants like

Carpet cleaning for health2015-10-13T20:11:37-05:00