Hard Surface Services

We Offer A Variety Of Hard Surface Services For Your Home

Clean Pro Cleaning & Restoration can help you clean and restore kitchen and bathroom grout and tile as well as wood floors. Our Hard Surface Services are performed by skilled technicians that will restore and clean your floors, stone and grout.

Stone Restoration

Different cleaning options are available for stone. Cleaning products and procedure will vary based on stone type and character. Our experience enables us to solve soiling challenges second-to-none. Below is unfilled travertine that was heavily soiled. Notice the Stopping Point of the Cleaning Tool.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Ceramic tile, grout, and stone are some of the least maintained flooring in homes today. Simply, maintenance on these surfaces is tedious and laborious. People reminisce on the Tile & Grout Cleaning dreadful memories of scrubbing on hands and knees trying to get results.

Wood Flooring Cleaning

When the time approaches to service wood floors, choose a company with skilled technicians. We offer cleaning and refinishing. Our cleaning systems are the best in the industry at removing contaminants from wood grain. Also, our cleaning systems do not leave wood grain with high moisture content like many other systems. After cleaning, wood floors will have a higher reflectivity.

Commercial Services are also available.

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