• Mold Damage & Mold Silent Pest

Mold…The Silent Pest

Mold...The Silent Pest Say the word “pests” and people think about common household varieties such as ants, roaches, and

  • Clean Pro Services Carpet Cleaning

Clean Pro Services

Do You Know About All Of the Clean Pro Services? Clean Pro Cleaning & Restoration offers a variety of

  • Carpet, Keep Dirt Outside, Healthy Home

Carpet Protection Tips

Do you have a new carpet or rug and would like to protect it from stains as much as

  • Carpet Care

Carpet Care Mistakes

Keeping your carpet clean is not only important to the look and feel of your home, it’s also a

  • Pet Accidents

Dealing With Pet Accidents

Dealing With Pet Accidents Whether it’s chewing, begging, or jumping, our pets’ actions are a part of their unique

  • What Is that smell

What Is That Smell

What’s That Smell? We have all had the experience of walking into a room or building only to be