On Site Drapery Cleaning Service

Our drapery cleaning service for Draperies and other window textiles have an integrated role for enhancing the comfort, beauty, and luxury of a room.

A variety of fabrics are available to consumers for use as draperies. Although fabrics vary, all draperies in general are exposed to more destructive conditions than either carpet or upholstery. Draperies may receive direct or indirect exposure from harmful rays of sunlight. Draperies also interact with the air circulation system of each room. As a result, window decor accumulates dust and dirt, as well as residues from cooking, smoking, heating, and other combustions. Humidity and high temperature conditions tend to accelerate the damage caused by these destructive activities. Therefore, periodic cleaning is recommended to extend the life and beauty of draperies.

Sometimes, the decline in cleanliness occurs so gradual that impurities are not apparent until after cleaning.

MicroSeal Permanent Fabric Protection

Fabric & Fiber Protection That Is Safe Enough For Your Treasures.

MicroSeal of New Orleans LA is a full-service textile cleaning and sealing company exclusively licensed in our area to apply MicroSeal — a non-toxic and non-allergenic fabric protection formula for permanent stain and sun fading protection.