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Carpet Stretching & Repairs

Do you need Carpet Stretching & Repairs in your home or business?

Clean Pro Cleaning & Restoration can perform a variety of Carpet Stretching & Repairs restoration services:

  • Power Carpet Stretching – When carpet is installed, power carpet stretching should be used to apply appropriate tension to the carpet backing. Carpet backing relaxes over time, generally requiring one to two years to occur. This relaxing creates the ripples in the carpet. Our expertise enables us to eliminate rippling.
  • Carpet Patches – If carpet has an isolated damaged area, we are able to replace a patch of carpet with a another piece or piece from an inconspicuous location.
  • Carpet Re-seaming – Carpet that is separating at the seam can be be re-seamed by our talented technicians.
  • Threshold Repair – We are capable of repairing carpeting that has receded from the threshold.

Carpet Stretching & Repairs

Clean Clean Pro Cleaning & Restoration for all of your Carpet Restoration and Repairs.