spring clean

Why do we spring clean?

We spring clean because it gives us opportunity to give our homes a deep cleaning after the house has been closed up after a harsh winter. It’s a great time to let in the fresh air, lightening and brightening our home. During a spring cleaning, it is the perfect time to clean carpets and rugs, as well as all other flooring. Although we mop and vacuum regularly, it’s a time to remove build up on flooring in addition to polishing or resealing the finish, extending the life of flooring materials.

Allergens are removed when carpets and rugs are cleaned more thoroughly, also extending the life of these carpets or rugs. It is also the opportune time to purge the home of excess and clutter, which collects dust and allergens. Dust and allergens are further eradicated by dusting furniture, fixtures, lighting, walls, and ceilings. Ceilings are often overlooked, as are drapery, shades, and shutters. Fabric and textiles throughout the home also contain an accumulation of dust and allergens that is circulated by the HVAC system throughout the winter months.

Unless your HVAC system has special filters to eliminate dust and allergens, it is also a great time to clean the vents of your system and change AC filters. This process helps to further create a healthier home environment and also extends the life of your HVAC system. As you can recognize a logical pattern arising in this analysis, the primary function of this deeper form of cleaning is not only to create a healthier habitat but too also extend the functionality of your home. Every system has a life span, and this process can extend the life span of these systems.

Your home is a huge investment. Therefore, you should protect your investment by doing the proper spring cleaning and maintenance annually.

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