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Kitchen Fire! Now What?


Kitchen Fire! Now What? The leading cause of house fires is cooking; grease fires, oven fires or simply leaving a pot unattended on a stove. Most of us can recall leaving something on the stove

Prevention is the Best Cure


How to Avoid Expensive Plumbing Failures One of the services offered by Clean Pro is water damage restoration. In the event of a water intrusion in your home or business, time is a key factor

Pet Allergies


What To Do When You Move Into A Home That Previously Had Pets? People with allergies to pets can suffer from symptoms that range from mildly annoying to unbearable. If you or someone

Clothes Dryer Safety Tips


You may have fond memories of helping hang laundry on the clothesline in your backyard as a child. There’s nothing like the smell of the clothes fresh off the clothesline, dried on a warm,

How to Clean Your Oven


How to Clean Your Oven Nothing is worse on Thanksgiving than opening up your oven door to place your turkey in the oven and seeing old baked-on spills and dirty oven walls. Head off