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Burst Pipes & Water Damage


How To Prevent Water Damage & Mold After Pipes Burst? The positive news for many homeowners is that most insurance policies will cover unexpected burst pipes and any resulting water damage. If you detect

Burst Pipes & Water Damage2021-02-21T16:54:40-06:00

For The Love Of Cotton


For The Love Of Cotton You may not know this, but cotton is the most popular fiber in the world. Why? Because it’s durable, easily dyed, absorbent, soft and comfortable to touch. These characteristics

For The Love Of Cotton2021-02-22T08:18:05-06:00

Love That New Carpet Smell


Do you love that new carpet smell? Smell is the most primitive of the five senses. The fragrances of food enhance our sense of taste. Pleasant scents create a feeling of calm and contentment,

Love That New Carpet Smell2021-01-12T10:00:06-06:00

Clean Pro Services


Do You Know About All Of the Clean Pro Services? Clean Pro Cleaning & Restoration offers a variety of services for both commercial and residential customers. Clean Pro Services include Hard Surface Services, Textile

Clean Pro Services2020-12-13T09:37:41-06:00

Why do spots come back?


Why do spots come back? Naturally you expect your carpets to look better after cleaning than before. So it may come as a surprise when some of the spots return. There are two reasons that

Why do spots come back?2018-11-29T09:53:31-06:00

Water damage… An absorbing subject


Water damage... An absorbing subject Water intrusion into your home or business can quickly cause significant damage from water absorption into structural materials, furnishings, cabinetry and woodwork. Act fast and call Clean Pro Cleaning &

Water damage… An absorbing subject2018-11-28T18:49:56-06:00