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Healthy Home


Thankful...for Family and a Healthy Home Whether you are a new customer of CLEAN PRO CLEANING & RESTORATION, or have been a client for years, we’d like to take this time to THANK YOU

Healthy Home2021-10-14T08:58:22-05:00

Understanding Humidity


Understanding the Role of Humidity in Your Home Water is an important part of our lives. It covers 70% of the Earth’s surface and makes up most of our body weight. Water exists underground,

Understanding Humidity2021-09-26T08:52:25-05:00

Are You Prepared For Severe Weather?


Are You Prepared For Severe Weather? One of the most visible consequences of a warming world is an increase in the intensity and frequency of extreme weather events. Tornadoes, floods, hurricanes and

Are You Prepared For Severe Weather?2021-09-15T13:21:21-05:00

Clean Pro Emergency Services


EMERGENCY SERVICES As we have witnessed from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, as well as the more recent Hurricane Ida, it is imperative to remediate and abate the growth of airborne toxins

Clean Pro Emergency Services2021-09-09T18:55:19-05:00

How to Clean Your Oven


How to Clean Your Oven Nothing is worse than opening up your oven door and seeing old baked-on spills and dirty oven walls. Head off this disaster by giving your oven a good cleaning

How to Clean Your Oven2021-08-21T15:42:21-05:00

Fall And Winter Home Check-Ups


Fall and Winter Home Check-Ups: Inspect Now, Save Thousands Later As the seasons change so does your home. Seasonal changes in temperature and humidity cause some materials to shift and expand. Other materials may become brittle and shrink,

Fall And Winter Home Check-Ups2021-08-21T15:27:26-05:00

Carpet: Wrinkles, Ripples & Buckles


Carpet Wrinkles, Ripples & Buckles Carpet wrinkles and buckles can happen to old carpet, new carpet, in high traffic areas and in low traffic areas. These ripples not only look terrible, but can cause

Carpet: Wrinkles, Ripples & Buckles2021-08-19T07:42:14-05:00

Kitchen Fire! Now What?


Kitchen Fire! Now What? The leading cause of house fires is cooking; grease fires, oven fires or simply leaving a pot unattended on a stove. Most of us can recall leaving something on the

Kitchen Fire! Now What?2021-08-03T09:19:50-05:00