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The Basics of Water Damage Restoration


The Basics of Water Damage Restoration When water damage intrudes into your home or business, every minute that ticks by increases the chance of property damage and mold growth. Your #1 priority is to

The Basics of Water Damage Restoration2022-04-06T13:21:38-05:00

New Carpet Smell is it Harmful?


Smell is the most primitive of the five senses. The fragrances of food enhance our sense of taste. Pleasant scents create a feeling of calm and contentment, while unpleasant ones may be a cause

New Carpet Smell is it Harmful?2021-09-20T12:23:10-05:00

Beware of Homeowner’s Insurance Surprises


Beware of Homeowner's Insurance Surprises And Prepare Now Homeowner's insurance is one of those things that you buy and hope that you’ll never have to use. But, what happens when you do need to

Beware of Homeowner’s Insurance Surprises2021-07-22T15:51:42-05:00

Carpet Spots Reappear


Why do carpet spots reappear? Naturally you expect your carpets to look better after carpet cleaning than before. So it may come as a surprise when some of the spots return. There are two

Carpet Spots Reappear2021-07-08T19:09:42-05:00

Carpet Stretching & Repairs


Carpet Repairs & Re-stretching, Wrinkles Ripples and Buckles... What are the Causes and Cures? Carpet Repairs and Re-stretching Occasionally, we get calls from clients, needing carpet repairs and re-stretching, because they have ripples in their

Carpet Stretching & Repairs2021-06-18T06:45:49-05:00

What You Need to Know About Lead Paint


What You Need to Know About Lead Paint Prior to 1978, lead was added to surface coatings to improve paint performance, making it more durable, speed drying and help retain a clean, fresh appearance.

What You Need to Know About Lead Paint2021-05-19T14:41:06-05:00

Flood Insurance… Are YOU Covered?


Believe it or not, everyone lives in a potential flood zone. You don’t have to be near a river, lake or ocean to be flooded. Floods can be caused by storms, melting snow, hurricanes,

Flood Insurance… Are YOU Covered?2021-05-05T14:33:08-05:00

Carpet Beetle Facts


Carpet Beetle Facts Carpet beetles deserve to rank near the top of your list of uninvited guests. These oval-shaped flying insects can ruin your carpets, rugs, upholstered furniture, and clothing as well as cause

Carpet Beetle Facts2021-04-21T09:30:42-05:00

Mold…The Silent Pest


Mold...The Silent Pest Say the word “pests” and people think about common household varieties such as ants, roaches, and spiders or even mice and rats. But did you know that molds are also considered

Mold…The Silent Pest2021-03-23T13:14:29-05:00