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Benefits Of Cleaning The Dryer Vent


What Is The Purpose Of The Dryer Vent? A dryer vent or duct is a very important part of the clothes dryer. Without the dryer vent, the dryer will not dry the clothes, and

Benefits Of Cleaning The Dryer Vent2021-01-26T09:11:07-06:00

New Carpet Smell is it Harmful?


Smell is the most primitive of the five senses. The fragrances of food enhance our sense of taste. Pleasant scents create a feeling of calm and contentment, while unpleasant ones may be a cause for

New Carpet Smell is it Harmful?2016-12-12T13:13:51-06:00

Dust filtration


What Causes Those Mysterious Dust filtration Lines? Dust filtration is the dark greyish or black discolorations that occur in carpet around the perimeter of rooms and in the doorways of some houses can be a

Dust filtration2016-04-02T13:03:13-05:00

Flood Damage


Hopefully you did not sustain any Flood damage into your home or business. If you are experiencing effects from the flood damage from rising waters, your primary concern is the Health and Safety of yourself, your

Flood Damage2016-12-12T13:13:51-06:00

Spring Cleaning


Spring Cleaning Why Do We do It? Have you ever wondered why we are annually seized by a sudden urge to air out the house, banish dust, organize closets, clean out cabinets, scrub floors, wash

Spring Cleaning2016-12-12T13:13:53-06:00

Mold Remediation


Mold Remediation... What’s the Big Deal? Head-lines like these are used to shine a spotlight on the health risks associated with mold. Naturally, the more extreme stories get the most interest. But is mold really

Mold Remediation2016-01-18T16:15:41-06:00

Upholstery Cleaning


When considering upholstery cleaning the first thing you should do is look under the cushions of a typical piece of upholstered furniture and you will usually find one or more tags. You probably don’t give

Upholstery Cleaning2016-12-12T13:13:53-06:00

Carpet Cleaning spots return


Why do Spots Come Back? Naturally you expect your carpets to look better after carpet cleaning than before. So it may come as a surprise when some of the spots return. There are two reasons

Carpet Cleaning spots return2016-12-12T13:13:53-06:00

Stone Polishing


Clean Pro Cleaning & Restoration offers stone polishing on a variety of stone including Marble, limestone, and travertine. In order, to achieve the deep shine on natural stone that is adored for is natural beauty, stone polishing is

Stone Polishing2016-12-12T13:13:53-06:00