Ceramic Tile vs. Natural Stone… Which is right for your home and family?

Ceramic Tile vs Natural StoneConsidering giving your home a facelift? If you are thinking about tile flooring, many homeowners simply don’t know which is the best choice of material for their project. Be it a kitchen remodel, bath renovation or new tile installation in the foyer, family room, or laundry room, homeowners spend a great deal of time deciding between using natural stone or porcelain. Always keep in mind that whatever you final choice is, the key to getting the most bang for your buck is regular maintenance.

The experts say to look at your lifestyle and the intended use for the space. A home filled with children and pets may best benefit from easy to maintain porcelain tile, while natural stone may be a good fit for a pet-free home with older residents. To help you make the right choice, here are some of the pros and cons of each type of tile below.

Porcelain Tile – Porcelain tile is a very hard type of ceramic tile. It is made from finer, denser clay than typical ceramic tile and it is fired at higher temperatures, making it more durable and resistant to stains. The surface of a porcelain tile is typically smooth and consistent, with uniform coloring throughout. While natural stone offers a sense of opulence, tiles provide endless possibilities. From modern and sleek to country or even glamorous, tiles really have no limits in terms of their versatility.

• Long-lasting
• Easier to install
• Superior resistance to wear and tear, even to rough pet nails
• Can be as much as 30% harder than granite
• Less porous than natural stone, it offers more stain resistance
• Lower price point than stone
• Highly moisture resistant
• Low maintenance, does not require special sealing or cleaning solutions
• Easy to clean
• Large range of styles that can mimic the look of natural stone and hardwoods
• Ideal for all types of projects – kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, flooring, countertops and walls
• Offers a sleek and modern look

• Its hardness factor makes porcelain tile more difficult to cut, so it should only be installed by a professional
• It tends to be on the heavy side, so you need to make sure the structure can support its weight
• Usually a lower return on investment than natural stone in home value
• Does require professional maintenance to prolong the life and beauty of the flooring.

Natural Stone Tile – There’s an undeniable allure to natural stone that has captivated homeowners for centuries. Whether its Marble, Granite, Limestone, Travertine, Slate, Sandstone, Quartz, or Onyx, natural stone adds a touch of beautiful sophistication to any space and can work with any type of style and décor.

• Makes a bold, luxurious statement
• Extremely durable
• Conducts heat well, making it a good choice for radiant heating
• Unique and distinctive natural variations in color, veining, and texture
• Considered a premium option, enhancing the value of the space

• Needs to be sealed
• More porous than porcelain tile, making it more susceptible to stains
• Absorption rates vary based on the type of stone
• Hardness varies based on the type of stone, increasing the risk for breakage and abrasions
• Can scratch and chip easily
• More expensive than porcelain tile
• Requires experienced installers due to natural variations in shape and size
• More difficult to clean than porcelain tile as special cleaning agents are required – should be professionally cleaned and maintained to retain value
• Not a green material option as natural stone is not renewable

When installed correctly and professionally maintained, both products are durable and have a long-life span.

No matter what flooring you decide on or if you just want to spruce up your existing flooring, we can help you! Difficult and heavy-use areas will receive special attention from our technicians. We only use the highest quality, most scientifically advanced cleaning products on the market and the most technically advanced equipment to make sure you get the best result possible every time. Call Clean Pro Cleaning & Restoration today with any questions or to schedule your next cleaning appointment.