Do You Know About All Of the Clean Pro Services?

Clean Pro Cleaning & Restoration offers a variety of services for both commercial and residential customers. Clean Pro Services include Hard Surface Services, Textile Services, Ventilation Services and Disaster Services. We believe in providing the Ultimate Service Experience which means we are always gaining the highest level of education to provide the best service available.

Hard Surface Clean Pro Services

Hard Surface Clean Pro Services

We can help you clean and restore any hard surface in your home. Kitchens and bathroom grout or tile are just some of the hard surfaces that we take care of. We also take care of Stone Restoration. Are your travertine floors discolored or does your marble countertops have water spots? They are not ruined, let Clean Pro Cleaning & Restoration help you restore them to perfection.

Textile Clean Pro Services

Do you have carpet or rugs in your home? Are your draperies getting a little discolored from dust? Does your sofa need to be cleaned? Did you know that Clean Pro can even repair carpets? Clean Pro even offers MicroSeal Permanent Fabric Protection.

Textile Cleaning Services Clean Pro Cleaning & Restoration
Clean Pro Ventilation Services

Ventilation Clean Pro Services

Did you know that Air Duct Cleaning is recommended every 4 to 5 years for the average home. HVAC systems recycle the air in your home or business. If the air ducts are not cleaned, then the HVAC system circulates the pollutants instead of fresh air. Dryer Vent Cleaning is very important because not only does a clogged dryer vent decrease the dryer’s efficiency, but it can also be dangerous, possibly causing a fire. Contact Clean Pro Cleaning & Restoration for help with your ventilation cleaning.

Disaster Emergency Clean Pro Services

Clean Pro Cleaning & Restoration is proud to offer 24/7 disaster emergency services to all of clients. A Quick Response is essential to preserve and mitigate property from further damage. Our specialized equipment inventory is extensive so we have the capacity to undertake any magnitude of restoration project. Whether you have a fire or flood, we are here to help. Time is of the essence for repairs and for preventing further losses. Learn more HERE.

Clean Pro Disaster Services

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For further information about carpet, floor and rug cleaning as well as restoration services, call Clean Pro Cleaning & Restoration on the Southshore at (504) 443-0009; on the Northshore at (985) 674-7778; on the Westbank at (504) 394-1116; in Baton Rouge at (225) 389-0202; or toll-free at (800) 377-9597. Email inquiries to

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