Clean Pro Cleaning & Restoration - Carpet & Area Rug CleaningDid someone spill red wine on your dining room rug? Have the kids tracked mud all over the rug in the family room? Did the dog have an accident on your beautiful oriental carpet? Actually, there is far more than dust and dirt living in these floor coverings. For example, thousands of dust mites and bedbugs can thrive in this environment. A virus that causes stomach flu, known as Norovirus, can survive for a month or more on an uncleared rug. The 5 second rule is a fallacy because bacteria lives for a month or more in the fibers of the carpet, and “microbial adhesion” occurs when the germs cling onto the food, and can cause illness.

When your area rugs and oriental carpets require cleaning, we perform these services at our plant rather than in the home. We are well-equipped to perform an 8 step process to thoroughly clean and rinse each rug, controlling the drying process as well. The process begins with pre-inspection, where each rug is closely examined to determine the best possible treatment for cleaning the piece, releasing stains and odors. Our second stage is the removal of the dry dust by using a mechanism that beats the rug at an extremely rapid pace. Pre-conditioning, pre-spotting, and fringe preparation follow. The extraction process draws out the solutions and dirt, then the rugs are dried in a controlled environment. After the rugs are dry, the last process is the finishing process. Your rugs will look their very best when we’ve completed these actions.

We are fortunate to be affiliated with MicroSeal of New Orleans. Why not have your rug protected after having it is cleaned so remarkably well? MicroSeal is a protectant produced from a proprietary formula, used for guarding textiles and rugs from stains. It also protects these surfaces from sun damage. For further information about having your area rugs or oriental carpets cleaned and protected, call us on the Southshore at (504) 443-0009; on the Northshore at (985) 674-7778; on the Westbank at (504) 394-1116; in Baton Rouge at (225) 389-0202; or toll-free at (800) 377-9597. Email your inquiries at Follow us on social media!