Cleaning For A Pandemic

PandemicThe entire world has been rocked with the emergence of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. Information on the proper way to wash our hands, social distancing, grocery shopping, etc. have flooded our screens. But, what about our homes? Is there a proper way to clean to help ensure the homes where we have been spending so much time are actually healthy places? The answer is a resounding YES! There are methods and ways to keep our homes as healthy as possible.

What You Should Do

The first rule of thumb has always been and will continue to be that we should clean for health first and appearances second. Homeowners are prone to waiting until there are visible signs of dirt before cleaning. This is incorrect. Many surfaces are designed to hide dirt and soil, so it can hold a lot of contaminants before it begins to look “dirty.” Unseen contaminants build up in the surfaces over time to the point where they may have a negative effect on the occupants of the structure, especially those with underdeveloped, sensitive or compromised immune systems. The key is to avoid getting to the point where this happens.

The process should be clean first and sanitize second. Think of cleaning and sanitizing your home in the same way you think of washing your hands. Cleaning is the process of removing unwanted substances from a surface. When you wash your hands, or clean a surface, you are removing the unwanted contaminants. When you use hand sanitizer, or sanitize over dirt and grime, you are trying to “kill” or destroy the contamination rather than just removing it. Hand sanitizer and sanitizing sprays are a great second option, but hand washing and cleaning are always the best choice for a first defense.

Here are some helpful tips for cleaning any room:

  •  Always clean top to bottom and work your way out the door.
  • Fold your cleaning cloth instead of balling it up. This ensures a smooth, consistent surface for wiping.
  •  Always wipe in the same direction with a cleaning cloth, rather than a back and forth motion. The goal is to remove the dirt. Not to move it back and forth.
  •  Use hot water as recommended for your surfaces.

Even visibly clean surfaces need to be thoroughly cleaned before applying any sanitizing or disinfecting chemicals. Use hot water when cleaning linens and towels. Make sure you regularly clean and sanitize things you use or touch on a daily basis such as: cell phones, laptops, tablets, remotes, doorknobs, handles, steering wheels, etc.

Use a cleaner first to break down the dirt and grime. Follow up with an antimicrobial/disinfectant.

What To Use

Look for EPA registration and approval on the labels of your cleaners. They should say they have been approved to fight SARS, H1N1 and emerging pathogen viruses. The EPA has a list of approved cleaners on their website. Please be aware. No product or company can claim they can kill COVID-19 or inactivate it. There are currently no approved tests with the EPA that can test this claim. However, there are products that are approved to combat “coronaviruses” which is a broad term used for types of viruses. You can look up more recommendations on the CDC and EPA websites.

We Can Help

For the sake of prevention and daily life, cleaning and disinfecting your home is completely appropriate. However, if an infection or exposure has occurred with someone in your home, you need to call in the professionals. Allow our professionally trained and educated workers at Clean Pro to help make your home healthy once again. We have the proper equipment, materials and training to come in and clean and sanitize your home.

If exposure has not occurred, continue to clean your home with these helpful and basic tips while also following all professional recommendations. Once you feel safe to let people into your home again, call Clean Pro. We are ready to combat dirt, germs, grime and the messes your family made while social distancing at home.

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