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Wood Floor Cleaning

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Homeowner Advised Protection

  • Place mats in traffic areas and doorways. Use mats without rubber- backs because the rubber could cause discoloration to the wood.
  • Emplace felt pads under furniture legs to protect finish.
  • Routine cleaning, such as dust mop and simple (neutral pH) cleaning solutions. We offer a few products to homeowners to use interim of professional cleaning
  • Intensive cleaning by a professional service annually.

Protection Tips

  • Do not use wax or silicone based polishes or cleaners

  • Avoid impressions and scratches. The most common damage to wood floors is from high heels and dog nails.

Wood Floor Cleaning

Wood floor cleaning can be a chore. In Louisiana, many homeowners enjoy the elegant appeal of wood floors. The current trend for home design is the use of carpet and hard wood to cover surfaces. New Orleans historically has an abundance of wood floored homes due to our various cultural influences. Like carpet, wood floors require maintenance to preserve beauty. Cleaning and protecting wood floors is essential to ensure the longevity for such an investment.

When the time approaches to service wood floors, choose a company with skilled technicians. We offer cleaning and refinishing. Our cleaning systems are the best in the industry at removing contaminants from wood grain. Also, our cleaning systems do not leave wood grain with high moisture content like many other systems. After cleaning, wood floors will have a higher reflectivity.

In addition to cleaning, we also offer refinishing to truly add appeal. Manufactures recommend refinishing wood floors annually. Refinishing not only increases reflectivity but also provides a defense from normal wear. We can apply high gloss finish or flat finish depending on what is desired.