Disaster Cleaning ServicesRight now, we are witnessing a lot of devastation in the wake of Hurricanes Sally and Laura. After the hurricanes struck, recovery began with the clean up process. Some areas had to wait till flood waters receded. These flood waters carry a host of contaminants that linger behind after the water is gone. We can help  eradicate pollutants through our sophisticated cleaning processes, making your home safe and livable again after the reconstruction is completed. As technologies improve for disaster cleaning, our certified technicians are trained to use these state-of-the-art technologies. We follow the national industry standards for all forms of disaster restoration, including water, fire, and mold damage.

Disaster Cleaning Services: Mold 

Where there is mold, remediation is the process to remove and retard the future growth of mold. Water and dampness must first be removed. Failure to remove all dampness will spur the growth of mold. Debris, flooded appliances, destroyed electronics, carpeting, drywall, and other trash has to be cleared from the house as well. Once the water and moisture has been dried thoroughly, the source of the water has been eliminated, and remediation has been performed, then the next sequence of events is reconstruction. The air quality in your home depends upon remediation being done properly. Those suffering from asthma and other respiratory illnesses will have tremendous difficulties if remediation procedures are not performed to exacting standards. We have an extensive inventory of equipment and the expertise to undertake any measure of disaster cleaning and restoration that will exceed your expectations.

Disaster Cleaning Services: Water Damage

The water damage restoration industry has evolved considerable over the years. The original concept was to extract the water, and allow natural drying to occur. The demand for the field of psychrometry, the science of drying, became evident for not only public safety concerns, but also the cost and time saving of salvaging structure. Whatever the source of the water damage, the impact on the ecology within the affected structure is important for healthy indoor conditions. Biological growth is always a great concern in the water restoration industry. Wet structure paired with favorable temperatures for microorganisms can initiate microbial amplification. The importance of a timely response to any water damage is necessary to prevent secondary damage, to stop amplification of microorganisms, and to minimize potential health effects. Due to the level of expertise required to properly dry structure, educated professionals should always be selected to handle any water restoration. Our technicians are certified and experienced in microbiology, biocide chemistry, inspection techniques, psychrometry, thermodynamics, building science, and evaporation and dehumidification theory. Along with our extensive training requirements, we deploy state of the art equipment to dry residential or commercial structure.

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